Sir Walter Scott’s Waverly Novels gave Scotland a much deserved publicity boost, sparking major interest in the northern third of Great Britain as a credible travel destination for well-to-do Victorians. And with good reason--from the crystalline stillness of its Highland mountains and lochs, to the bristly verdure of its glens and moors, the Scottish countryside is a sight to behold. But Scotland’s endlessly fascinating qualities go beyond its natural landscape. Its people, notoriously tough, but also warm and funny, will charm your argyle socks off. They are keepers of a proud cultural heritage including outstanding traditions in literature, science, philosophy, and who can forget—drinking. The Scots have a style all their own, and certainly know how to have a great time. With an experience curated by Excursionist, you will too. So don your kilt and dinner jacket, and come to Scotland with us. But be warned: the first time you hear the sound of bagpipes floating through the mist, you’ll be in love with Scotland for life.