With so many positive associations to its name, there's no reason to feel neutral about Switzerland. The birthplace of the Red Cross and the Geneva Conventions, Switzerland hasn’t experienced a state of war since 1815, and is a major player and peace broker in international negotiations. Switzerland boasts undisputed excellence in many categories, including mountain sports and tennis, punctuality and cleanliness, particle acceleration and precision electronics. The Swiss have also made important contributions to Western thought, music, and art, not to mention cheese and chocolate. If that doesn’t fondue it for you, simply consider that Switzerland has one of the most high-tech and prosperous economies on Earth, with a quality of life through the roof. Sound like a nice place to be? Then don’t be a noble savage--let us Rousseau you the way to the world’s only direct democracy and one of the seats of Western Civilization. Like a reliable Swiss watch, you can count on Excursionist to show you a proper time.