For decades, Egypt was hailed as a beacon of stability in the Middle East. The “stability,” however, veiled an authoritarian and corrupt regime, finally toppled lsat year by ordinary people’s desire for change and democracy. Working with political scientists and insiders, we've designed an experience that takes you directly to the epicenter of the January 2011 revolution. But we also take you from current political events to those of millennia ago. Our team of Egyptologists will introduce you to the intrigues of the Pharaonic courts, as well as the lesser known tombs and pyramids in the South of the country. You’ll see the sun rise over Mount Sinai and set through the sails of a felucca on the Nile. As you walk the streets of Egypt you will see individuals who today, for the first time in years, are citizens of a nation that has taken the reins of its future. The pride and energy are palpable.