For centuries, travelers have been pouring into India to lose themselves, find themselves, and lose themselves again. Some dive headfirst into the contrasts of India’s major cities, where the effects of the country’s quickly growing economy are tangible: skyscrapers towering over sprawling slums, the sizzling of deep-fried street food melting into the honking of horns. Others explore the country’s striking cultural variety, as well as its biodiversity—the tigers of Bengal, the birds of Thattekad or the one-horned rhinoceroses of Kaziranga. This is why we encourage you to stray beyond the Taj Mahal (as wondrous as it is) and combine your own set of experiences that spark all your passions. But no matter where you go, remember this: you will never be a spectator. India pulls you in, and every second in this country is a full-body experience.